If you are not a PMI member and would like to join the PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter, visit the PMI website to complete an online Membership Application.

Be sure to add PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter as a component on your application. Annual membership dues for PMI are $139, and PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter dues are $25. Each component sets their own dues individually, and PMI Eastern Idaho is one of the lowest in the country - most chapters average $25-$40 per year. A PMI Student Membership at a cost of $30, and PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter dues at $20 is available with the appropriate documentation submission.

You will also have access to PMI’s communities of practice the new and growing places for PMI members to meet online, discuss ideas and build the body of knowledge. Collaborate with peers worldwide to find solutions that meet your needs and advance the profession. Interact through wikis, webinars, discussions and blogs. Use shared documents, surveys, announcements, a member directory and popular links. All of these tools at your disposal.

For a limited time, PMI members can participate in as many communities as you’d like at no extra charge. The more you get involved, the more you’ll enjoy your PMI membership.

These communities are underway, with more coming soon:

The easiest way for a current PMI member to become a member of the PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter is to login above and then go to http://www.pmi.org/membership/chapters.

The cost will be $25.00 for the remaining period of your current membership (in addition to regular PMI dues), and annually thereafter.

If your PMI membership is scheduled to expire within three months, you may wish to click the Renew link so that you can renew your membership at the same time that you add PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter membership.

If you experience any difficulty in adding the PMI Eastern Idaho Chapter membership to your profile or have any questions, please contact our VP Membership.