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March 27, 2018 -- Professional Development Day PDU Schedule and Speaker listings:

Keynote Speaker PDUs as Below

Opening Keynote speaker: Anne Fish “Building Opportunity Through Risk” -- (1.25 PDUs Strategic)

Closing Keynote speaker: Bryant Ferguson “Advanced Speaking Skills” -- (1.25 PDUs Technical)

4 of the 6 sessions for 1.75 PDUs each NTE 7.0 total for the breakout sessions:

(Technical/Strategic/Leadership designation is at the discretion of the attendee)


  1. James Stoutenborough: “How Knowledge, Perception of Risk, and Trust Influence Behavior”
  2. Mike Sessions: “Predictive Analytics for Project Management”
  3. Ali Josephson: “The Importance of Good Mentoring”
  4. Richard Grimmett: “How to Deal with Difficult People”
  5. Boyd Chikatulah: “Extreme Ownership: The Key to Leveraging Your Opportunities”
  6. Tomm Larson: “Protecting Your Opportunities”

Since people get different things from the same presentation, it will be left to each individual to allocate each 1.75 PDUs for the breakout sessions they attended as either Technical/Strategic/Leadership as they felt they benefitted most. It is also acceptable to split the entire 1.75 PDU value across two or even three categories as they see fit, as long as the total PDU value for that session does not exceed the value of 1.75 cumulative PDUs. Any 4 of the 6 sessions can be taken credit for as to not exceed 7.0 PDUs for the Breakout Sessions and 2.5 PDUs for the Keynote Speaker Presentations, totaling a cumulative Value of 9.50 PDUs for the entire event.


The total Continuing Education Units (CEUs) received is a NTE 9.5 CEUs for whatever certifying body or requirement that applies to each individual.


February 21, 2018- Dr Sara Hawkins PhD. RN (Director of Patient Safety for EIRMC) “Managing Controlled Chaos” (Technical PDU’s 0.75, Strategic PDU’s: 0.75)

January 17, 2018- Dr. Fred Ball (Director and Chief Administrator at Blackfoot Charter Community Learning Center (BCCLC)) “The History of Blackfoot Charter Schools” (Leadership PDU’s 0.75, Strategic PDU’s: 0.75)



November 15, 2017- JULIE ANN GOODRICH (Executive Director of the Blackfoot Chamber of Commerce) “Leadership within the Greater Blackfoot Area Chamber of Commerce”(Leadership PDU’s 0.75 or Strategy 0.75 PDU’s)


October 18, 2017-GEORGE BRESHEARS, COL/CAP (Idaho Wing Commander)The Idaho Wing HQ Civil Air Patrol" (Leadership PDU’s 1.5)

September 20, 2017- Dana Kirkham (Mayor of Ammon) "The State of the City of Ammon" (Leadership PDU’s 0.75 and Strategic PDU’s 0.75)

June 21, 2017- "Annual Business Meeting"


May 5, 2017 - "Chobani Tour"

April 19, 2017 - "Eastern Idaho Chapter 30th Anniversary Dinner Meeting"

March 15, 2017 - "Requirements Management" (Technical PDU)

February 15, 2017 - "The Importance of Building a Project Team" (Technical PDU)

January 18, 2017 - "Time Management"


November 16, 2016 - "PMI - Beyond the Chapter"

October 19, 2016 - "Construction Management / General Contracting (CM/GC) in Idaho and on Idaho Falls Projects"

September 16, 2016 - "Emergency/Disaster Preparedness and Response"

June 15, 2016 - "Annual Business Meeting"

May 18, 2016 - "On the Horizon – Future Parks and Recreation Projects in Idaho Falls"

April 20, 2016 - "Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) – Know the Details: How to Earn PDUs in the New CCR Program"

March 16, 2016 - "Touring Melaleuca’s Global Headquarters"

February 17, 2016 - "Presentation on Partnering with the INL"

January 20, 2016 - "Method and Application of the “T-Week” Scheduling Process"


December 14, 2015 - "Presentation on Planning a Community Event"

November 18, 2015 - "Presentation on City Projects with Mayor Paul Loomis"

October 21, 2015 - "Presentation about New Horizons Pluto Flyby"

September 16, 2015 - "Challenges of managing a nonprofit organization"

April 15, 2015 - "Project Implementing a Cloud Based HR-Payroll System" presented by Joseph A. West.

March 18, 2015 - "Capital Projects at Simplot" presented by Don Harcus, Simplot.

February 18, 2015 - "Business Etiquette" presented by Theron McGriff, Protocol School of Washington Certified Instructor.

January 21, 2015 - "Managing Projects in Scotland" presented by Randy Bargelt, INL Project Management Office Director.


November 19, 2014 - “Adventures of Setting Up a New Operation in Indiana" presented by Larue Bunker of Miles Willard Technologies.

October 15, 2014 - “Risk Management" presented by Rebecca Winston, CEO of Winston Strategic Management Consulting.

September 17, 2014 - “Organizational Change Management" presented by Scott Wright.

June 25, 2014 - “Annual Chapter Business Review”

May 21, 2014 - Meeting presented by Tony Watkins, Owner of Watkins Distributing.

April 16, 2014 - "The Idaho Accelerator Center, Opportunities for Research and Economic Development" presented by Mark BalzerAccelerator Safety Engineer at the Idaho Accelerator Center in Pocatello, Idaho).

March 19, 2014 - "Implementation of SAP at the Savannah River Site" presented by Kathy Hatcher (INL).

February 12, 2014 - "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification of the Energy Innovation Laboratory, INL’s newest facility" presented by Lisa Wolford (INL) and Howard Bingham (Ormond Builders, Inc.)

January 15, 2014 - "Integrated Earned Value Management System (IEVMS)" presented by Carla Dwight, INL Deputy Director of the Space Nuclear Systems and Technology Division


November 20, 2013 - "Establishing The Stillwater Mansion and running a small woman owned business" presented by Tonia Kinghorn, Owner of a Victorian Tea Room the "Stillwater Mansion"

October 16, 2013 - "PeopleSoft software at McDonnel Douglas Corporation" presented by Denise Stephens, CIO and Director of Information Management

June 19, 2013 - “Annual Business Meeting”


October 16, 2013 - "PeopleSoft software at McDonnel Douglas Corporation" presented by Denise Stephens, CIO and Director of Information Management

June 19, 2013 - “Annual Business Meeting”

May 15, 2013 - "Cives Steel and construction of a new facility in Idaho Falls " presented by Paul Leonard, Project Manager, Cives Steel, Co.

April 17, 2013 - "Challenges facing Idaho Falls Power - Planning for the future and facing challenges as a Small Utility," presented by Jackie Flowers, General Manager, Idaho Falls Power

March 20, 2013 - Presented by Bryce Rasmussen, Director of Operations, Northwest Cosmetic Labs

February 20, 2013 - Presented by Kevin Greene, Idaho Falls Chukars General Manager

January 16, 2013 - "The Actors' Repertory Theater of Idaho (ARTI)” presented by Jim Beck


November 14, 2012 - "The Road Ahead for the Idaho Falls Events Center -- Project Conception, Construction, and Management” presented by Cindy Ozaki

October 17, 2012 - “Leadership: The Project Manager as Change Agent” presented by Carl Lovell

September 19, 2012 - "Shoshone-Bannock Hotel and Event Center Tour ”

June 21, 2012 - “Annual Business Meeting”

May 16, 2012 - “Project Management, a Team Event” presented by Tamara Dance

April 18, 2012 - “What is the Idaho Falls Arts Council going to do with the old, abandoned Rio Theater?” presented by Jill Barnes

March 21, 2012 - “Risk Communication in Project Management Are We Creating Risk for Ourselves?” presented by Rebecca Winston

February 15, 2012 - “Using Your Negotiation Skills for Better Project Management” presented by Bob Knudson

January 18, 2012 - “Power and Influence Charting - The Google Way” presented by Troy Hiltbrand


November 16, 2011 - “Japan Nuclear Event” presented by Bill Hurt

May 18, 2011 - “Trouts Unlimited” presented by Matt Woodard

April 20, 2011 - “Virtual Teams" presented by Mark Nelson

March 16, 2011 - “ISU MBA/Project Management” presented by Dennis Krumwiede

February 16, 2011 - “Earned Value Management System” presented by Richard Brodkorb

January 19, 2011 - “Building a Wind Farm” presented by Randy Gardner


November 17, 2010 - “Business Etiquette” presented by Theron McGriff

October 20, 2010 - “Stakeholder Input Using Focus Groups” presented by Cameron Gull

September 15, 2010 - “Managing International Projects” presented by Davis Christenson

June 16, 2010 - "What is the difference between the Project Engineer and a Project Manager?" presented by Cheryl O'Brien

April 21, 2010 - "A look back on a successful project: the closure of Fab 9 at ON Semiconductor" presented by John Spicer

February 17, 2010"U.S. Naval Nuclear Powered Ship Inactivation, Disposal, and Recycling" presented by Kurt D. Hamman


September 16, 2009"Management of Experiments as Projects" presented by M. W. Patterson

May 20, 2009 - "Scope Management" presented by Paul Harker

April 15, 2009 - "NASA Ames in California" presented by Tina Anderson

March 18, 2009 - "Risk Management" presented by Carl Lovell

January 21, 2009 - "Project Integration" presented by Terri Keeling

June 2008 to January 2009 speakers are missing.


May 21, 2008 - "Time Management" presented by George W. Davis

April 16, 2008 - "Herding Cats: Managing the Software Development Process at Microsoft" presented by James N. Helfrich

March 19, 2008 - "Scope Management" presented by Max Christensen, PMP

February 20, 2008 - "Grow Idaho Falls" presented by Linda Martin and John Lindsay (no attached presentation)

January 19, 2008 - "Risk Management" presented by Amy Lientz


November 21, 2007 - "Project Integration" presented by Ken Merrill, PMP

September 19, 2007 "PMI Standards: Present and Future" presented by Steve Fahrenkrog, PMP

June 20, 2007 - "Challenges of Project Management in the Microelectronics Industry" presented by John Kent, PMP

May 16, 2007 - "Procurement Management" presented by Mike Judd, BYU Idaho

April 18, 2007 - "Project Management and the Idaho Transportation Department" presented by Tom E. Cole, LS/PE

March 21, 2007 - "Graded Approach to Assuring Quality" presented by Bob Thompson

February 21, 2007 - "Human Resource Management" presented by Mark Nelson

January 16, 2007 - "Cost Management" presented by Erin Bognar


November 15, 2006 - "Project Quality Management" presented by Frank J. Kocsis

March 15, 2006 - "Time Management" presented by Herb Pollard

February 15, 2006 - "A Presentation and Discussion on Integrated Cost, Schedule and Technical Performance Management" presented by Dale Stewart

January 18, 2006 - "Scope Management -- Waste Volumes vs. Estimates Excerpts from the Rocky Flats Experience" presented by Scott Anderson


November 16, 2005 - "Project Risk Management" presented by Allen Schubert

October 19, 2005 - "An Overview on Project Integration" presented by William P. Harroun

June 15, 2005 - "Earned Value Management and Critical Chain Project Management" presented by Larry Leach

May 25, 2005 - "Overview of the Idaho Cleanup Project (ICP) and Its New Direction" presented by Bill Johnson